Meet the Meeples

Dave -After a long day in grad school, there is nothing better than coming home and playing a lighthearted game with my wife. My favorite type of games involve negotiation and bargaining but lately, I’ve been really getting into worker placement games too. I am on the hunt for 2 player game that my wife Sarah and I can dig into over a nice bottle of wine or some great local beers.

Lizzy – In just one evening I can attend the Worlds Fair, fight for my life in a dungeon crawl, travel to Hogwarts, and be sent to Valhalla for my heroic death. My favorite aspect of board gaming is the immersive experience. Board games take me to a new and exciting place where anything is possible. Theme has become more important to me lately, but card drafting, deck building, and are control continue to be a few of my favorite mechanics. In my free time, I play board games or RPG’s with my fiancé, Tom, and our friends. My board game libation of choice is a local beer, generally a Wee Mac Scottish Ale from Sun King Brewery. Outside of board games and local beer, I also enjoy my career in the social work field.

Sarah – If I had not met my husband, Dave, I would have been only a speech-language pathologist, playing children’s games to work toward better communication. Now, I’m a speech-language pathologist, semi-avid board game player, and executive producer of The Drinking Meeples. I like word games (see “speech-language pathologist”) and cooperative games—a triumph for the group always beats a personal win…at least that’s what I tell myself. Outside of gaming, you can find me rock climbing, sipping a margarita, or hanging out with this goofy group.

Tom – When I’m not working with my outstanding Drinking Meeples team, you can find me playing video games or board games. It’s tough to say which style of board games I lean towards because it really depends on my mood, but I’m a big fan of drafting. I’ll play whatever I can agree on with my fiancé and co-host, Lizzy. I’m currently working in suicide prevention and awareness in central Indiana. I LOVE BEER. Even though their popularity is dying a bit, I am still enamored with IPA’s. The more hops, the better! The weirdest thing I’ve eaten is guinea pig.